Oilfield Casing Data Sheet Free Download

Casing information is very important part of working in the oilfield. This information is used in several calculations as expected displacement volume, cement calculation, stuck pipe calculation, burst/collapse, casing design, etc. Therefore our team collects casing data into one spreadsheet and pdf file for you to download.


What is Information inside the Casing Data Spreadsheet?

  • Casing data for 834 types of casing
  • Range of casing : 4-1/2” casing to 20” casing
  • Casing specification: OD, ID, Nominal weight, Grade, Burst & Collapse Pressure, Internal Yield Pressure Minimum Yield (psi), Joint Strength, Body Yield Strength, Wall Thickness, Drift Diameter, Displacement (bbl/ft) and Capacity (bbl/ft)
  • There are 2 versions which are Excel file and pdf file. Both of them have the same data so you can pick any file that your computer can open. Additionally, these files are properly setup for print.
  • The data in the spreadsheet is well organized so you can find what you need so easily (Figure 1).

 figure 1 casing spec sheet

Figure 1 – Inside The Spreadsheet

Download the casing data sheet from the following links:

Excel version Casing data specification sheet in MS Excel Version 

PDF version – Casing data specification sheet in PDF version

If you like this information, please feel free to share with your friends/ co-workers. Finally, please feel free to give us feedback about this one.

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    Excellent collection for rig

  3. Kaushik bora says:

    Very good collection for rig people



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    Well done, very helpful data sheet for rig supervisors.

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    Well done

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    thanks , easy to use

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    thanks for the casing data sheet

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    Excellent collection for rig

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    Do you have casing data Range of casing : 4-1/2” casing to 40” casing

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    Well done, very helpful data sheet for rig supervisors.

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