Only 21 Seconds Can Change Your Life – Fingerboard Incident

One of my colleague shared this vdo in the HES meeting and I was stunning on how quick of this incident happening. This is very short VDO only 21 seconds but it is worth to learn to prevent this same situation.

What was happened?


The derrick attempted to move the air tuggers line which got caught in the fingerboard. He tried to move the line by applying force to move the line out and then the line came free and jumped from the fingerboard. However, the derrick man still held the line and he was pulled out of the fingerboard and fell down along the tugger line.

I don’t know much detail how he was doing after this but the points that I would like to share with you are as follows;

  • Always assess the situation prior to working on any task

  • Always have the safety harness tied with your body while working at height

  • Always be aware of surrounding and don’t become complacent because you have been working in the position for long time and you think you have a lot of experience on what you are doing

  • Always review work at height risk prior to and while working

What are your opinions?

Please feel free to share with us at the comment box below.


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3 Responses to Only 21 Seconds Can Change Your Life – Fingerboard Incident

  1. Ziga says:

    This is a great video showing that accidents usually happen in (mili)seconds. I think workers should never underestimate the “power” of the rig.

  2. Sam Laliberte says:

    First off, do you not use fall arrest?

  3. steve says:

    this happened in australia. i wont give details on which rig it was, but i do know he landed ok without a scratch. although he was ran the following day

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