Review Fracking Primer EBook by API

Hydraulic Fracturing Primer is published by American Petroleum Institute (API) to help people understand about fracking correctly. In this ebook, it contains a technical detail about Fracking for non-technical people to understand the content. Additionally, there are tons of images, diagrams, charts, and illustrations in order to educate people.


This is what you will learn from this book;

  • What is Fracking?
  • Energy and Opportunity
  • Shale Plays in the Lower 48 States
  • Securing Our Energy
  • Jobs and the Economy
  • What They Are Saying
  • Process, Safety, and the Environment
  • Drilling
  • Stimulation
  • State Regulation
  • Federal Regulation
  • Industry Standards, Federal Regulation
  • Water Protection
  • Water Usage
  • Water Treatment Technologies
  • Air Emissions
  • Methane Emission
  • Hydraulic Fracturing and Seismic Activity
  • Innovations Promote Safe & Environmentally Friendly Practices
  • Resources

These are some of images from this book.


Figure 1 – US shale map


Figure 2 – Hydraulic Fracturing Well Schematic


Figure 3 – Water Treatment Technology

If you are interested in this ebook, please download from this link

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  1. U Soe Myint says:

    Thanks for Hydraulic Fracturing.

  2. rama says:

    thanks for enrich my knowledge

  3. Jarrett says:

    The EPA announced this mniorng they would delay rules on capturing air pollution at gas wells where hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, is going on. This follows several decisions by the EPA not to charge drilling companies with polluting groundwater near the we .

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