Review Offshore Book 2014 – an overview of the offshore oil & gas industry

The “Offshore Book – an overview of the offshore oil & gas industry” is one of the best ebook about offshore oil and gas industry. This book is belong to


This book is an introduction to offshore oil and gas industry and it is written in a simple language in order to educate people about offshore industry. This book is a very good start for new engineers, university students, non-technical personnel; however, there are some topics that is still excellent for experience workforces. The content is based on North Sea and Danish conditions but it is still applicable for any offshore workplaces.

Note from preface

“OffshoreBook Oil & Gas is 3rd edition of the OffshoreBook edited by the Danish knowledge center and innovation network in collaboration with external editors. wishes to thank all members who have contributed to the book and especially those who have helped in the editing work including, but not limited to: Ramboll Oil & Gas, DONG Energy, Wintershall, Semco Maritime, MacArtney, SubC Partner, ABB, GEUS, the Danish Energy Authority, Aalborg University Esbjerg, the University of Southern Denmark and the technical school in Esbjerg – EUC Vest.”

What will you learn from this book?

These are content from the book that you may be interested in .

  • Health, Safety and Environment – HSE
  • Basic Information about Oil and Gas
  • Reservoir – Geology and Exploration
  • Drilling Operations
  • Offshore Structures
  • Subsea Technology
  • Production of Oil and Gas
  • Pipelines
  • Oil and Gas Activities in the North Sea
  • Oil and Gas Production in Denmark
  • Decommissioning
  • Upstream and Downstream Logistics
  • Downstream
  • Education and Training in Denmark

Sample of Various Images from This book

 1-process 2-offshore-rig 3-drilling-rig


Where can you download?

Download the ebook here –


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  1. rama says:

    another thanks to DF

  2. jabea says:

    so greatful for the book and all the other postings.

  3. Edward Hendrik Tikoalu says:

    Thanks you very much Drilling Formulas.
    Great Book.


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