Rig 325 Mexico Catastrophic

I’ve got some pictures of the Rig 325 in Mexico. I don’t know much details about it and it looks like the TDS hits the crown.

I wish those following images would help our people in the drilling industry raise the safe work practice awarness.

bushing on the ground

See the travelling block

Very serious damage

see the elevator

everything is on the ground

Hook on the ground

rig floor tool was totally destroyed


If you have any comments, please feel free to share.

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21 Responses to Rig 325 Mexico Catastrophic

  1. Angel says:

    Angel ;

    You may doscuss this during the safety mtng.

    Eldred R Rosario
    B J Cementer

  2. ali says:

    Thise is very painful.
    I’m night toolpusher, I was driller and i can undrestnd thise catastroph.
    I don’t Know about thise Rig, I think the rig floor personel was during trip in , may be driller during move traveling block with high speed to up ,hade a mistake, and traveling block accident to crown (becuse i saw the crown’s wood at images), and cut the drill cable(wire rope) ,therefore downfall traveling block and top drive with high speed without control.
    Who know about exactly this accidence? Please tell me.

  3. Ray Burns says:

    Not a whole lot any one can say. It came from the all together to the all apart. Did they say any one was hurt?

  4. jose gregorio muñoz says:

    Indudablemente que fue un error humano.El impacto al bloque corona fue tremendo,capaz de romper el cable de perforacion.Un milagro que no hubo perdidas de vidas.Soy perforador y acosejo tener mucho cuidado al hacer los viajes de tuberia.

  5. Umair says:

    I think that its crowm o matic dosen’t work and hit crown block that completely damage and came out from crown to rig floor with all attach equipment . i wish that no human casuality there.

  6. NiVeK says:

    Im guessing a slip and cut was done and the crown saver was not set up properly before resuming tripping operations.

  7. Ba Kyi says:

    It might be the technical failure of bad incidents. And the question is who is the responsible person in that place, the employees or upper management for Safety. The root cause may be comprehensive such as the rig life , minimum serviceable limits and personal safety awareness. This is a great lessons for the Oil & Gas industries in the world.

  8. sudiearman says:

    Safety stand down

  9. Ramiro Méndez says:

    Pulling out pipe….and hit the crown whit the traveling block….. You can imagine the rest……the cable broke and the crown fall……

  10. Ramiro Méndez says:

    I worked in Mexico , and I knew about this accident…..

  11. Robert Lee says:

    Crown o matic was not set correctly or not functioning at all crowning out can get ugly

  12. Thomas Russell says:

    If you haven’t been down there to work, you can never know the BS that goes on, pemex is the biggest bunch of DA’s you ever will meet and think they know every thing. You can bet your butt, the COM had not been check in know telling when, or reset after cutting DL. One thing for sure, whoever let these pic’s will be fired, and you will never know what really happened, unless if was an american’s fault, they take the blame for nothing

  13. Chad says:

    That Ideco derrick is older than most roughnecks now days I’d almost say the wheel house failed before I’d go blaming the crowmomatic!!!!

  14. Chad says:

    That Ideco derrick is older than most roughnecks now days I’d almost say the wheel house failed before I’d go blaming the crowmomatic!!!! Be safe do your job!!

  15. Brad says:

    Looks like they might have either pulled in to a tight spot or in to the pipe Rams and pulled the crown in. Main shaft in the crown cluster is broken and there is too much drilling line on the floor for a crown out. Devastating mess regardless of what exactly happened. My hope is that everyone was able to escape without harm.

  16. Li Kejin says:

    Check the COM is first issue for toolpusher or driller prior to take position. Always take care each other and take care the equipment.

  17. Ruben Stefani says:

    The TDS could hit the crown, but to cut the drilling cable must hit the crown at amazing speed, or if hit at low speed nobody did nothing to stop the draworks and cable was cutted by tension…

  18. dabukke says:

    human error….

  19. D. Campbell says:

    I like the comments on the pictures, best one, ” very serious damage”

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