Role of Body Language for Oilfield Career Success

From our informal exchanges with strangers to more formal exchanges with our associates, one can show what he/she is or is not to people with just little gestures and actions. For people who want to work in oilfield, body language is very important and it is one of getting hired by oilfield companies. There are a lot of people fail to this point.   This is can be applied to someone who has been in the oilfield but does not have any good progress in their career but their futures are not bright.

Positive body language is always a part of confident and successful people but a gentle reminder will be required for others. These are some important rules of body language that will help you progress in your job.


Avoiding Eye Contact Avoidance of eye contact shows that a person has something to hide and lacks charisma and interest. Keeping eye contact is important for office communication. It portrays confidence, leadership traits and strength.

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Weak Handshake – A handshake doesn’t take time, it’s meant to be a short experience, but a bad one can lead to an ugly impression on someone. A study carried out by the University of Iowa in 2008 showed that some individuals who commence job interviews with a strong handshake are always favored than those with a weak handshake.

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Slouching –  This shows lack of confidence and low energy levels. A person with curved back and inwardly pointing shoulders will appear small physically. On the other hand, a good posture, such as a straight back and high shoulders increases the amount of space occupied and indicates control and declaration.

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Crossed Arms – This is a physical barrier that shows someone is not interested in what the other person is saying. It shows defense. It does not show a person as open-minded and interesting.

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Exaggerated Gestures – This shows chaos or disarray. Small controlled gestures show confidence and leadership qualities. E.g showing the palms of hands indicates that there is nothing to hide.

Fidgeting –  This includes playing with hair, biting lip or tapping fingers on the table. It’s a sign that one is nervous and uninteresting and can be avoided to show self assurance. In a research of 2,100 job recruiters carried out by career builder, 29% indicate fidgeting as the biggest embarrassing body language always done by job seekers.

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Invading Personal Space – This suggests there is no respect or understanding of personal space. Approximately 3-8 feet is the proper distance to give a person especially co-workers when in a conversation. Standing too close to someone can make the person feel uneasy.

Failing to smile -This shows energy, self assurance, openness. It also makes the person you are smiling at, to smile back. A little smile is better than no smile at all, but it should not be over done.


Always smile

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