Round trip ton-miles Calculation

All types of ton-mile service should be calculated and recorded in order to obtain a true picture of the total service received from the rotary drilling line. There are several types of ton miles as follows;

1. Round trip ton-miles
2. Drilling or “connection” ton-miles
3. Coring ton-miles
4. Ton-miles setting casing
5. Short-trip ton-miles

For this time, I will show how to calculate round trip ton-mile.

Round Trip Ton-Miles Calculation


The formula for round trip ton-miles is listed below;

RTTM = (Wp x D x (Lp + D) + (2 x D) x (2 x Wb + Wc)) ÷ (5280 x 2000)

RTTM = Round Trip Ton-Miles
Wp = buoyed weight of drill pipe in lb/ft
D = hole measured depth in ft
Lp = Average length per stand of drill pipe in ft
Wb = weight of travelling block in lb
Wc = buoyed weight of BHA (drill collar + heavy weight drill pipe + BHA) in mud minus the buoyed weight of the same length of drill pipe in lb
** If you have BHA (mud motor, MWD, etc) and HWDP, you must add those weight into calculation as well not just only drill collar weight. **
2000 = number of pounds in one ton
5280 = number of feet in one mile

Note: One ton-mile equals 10,560,000 foot- pounds, and is equivalent to lifting 2,000 pounds a distance of 5,280 feet

Example: Round trip ton-miles

Mud weight = 10.0 ppg
Average length per stand = 94 ft
Drill pipe weight = 13.3 lb/ft
Hole measure depth = 5500 ft
Drill collar length = 120 ft
Drill collar weight = 85 lb/ft
HWDP length = 49 lb/ft
HWDP weight = 450 ft
BHA weight from directional driller = 8,300 lb
BHA length = 94 ft
Travelling block assembly = 95,000 lb


a) Buoyancy factor:
BF = (65.5 – 10.0) ÷ 65.5
BF = 0.847

b) Buoyed weight of drill pipe in mud, lb/ft (Wp):
Wp = 13.3 lb/ft x 0.847
Wp = 11.27 lb/ft

c) buoyed weight of BHA (drill collar + heavy weight drill pipe + BHA) in mud minus the buoyed weight of the same length of drill pipe in lb (Wc):

Wc = {[(120×85) + (49×450) + (8300)] x 0.847} – [(120+450+94) x13.3x 0.847]
Wc = 26,866 lb

Round trip ton-miles = [(11.27 x 5500 x (94+ 5500)) + (2 x 5500) x (2 x 95000 + 26,866)] ÷ (5280 x 2000)
RTTM = 258.75 ton-mile

Please find the excel sheet for round trip ton-miles calculation via click this link.
Ref book: Drilling Formula Book Formulas and Calculations for Drilling, Production and Workover, Second Edition

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    Valuable and ezy for caculation.csn put up formulae on microsoft excel sheet too.

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