Schlumberger staff on gardening leave on 20% of pay but they can’t work anywhere else

Oil and Gas Employees in Aberdeen have been placed on gardening leave by oil giant Schlumberger for up to a year on 20% of their annual salary, however during this period they are not allowed to work for any other employer.

Oil giant Schlumberger have introduced an incentivised leave of absence scheme in a desperate attempt to retain skilled staff amid the global downturn within the oil and gas industry.

Members who choose to opt into the scheme are required to take up to a one year break from employment on a fraction of their regular annual pay whilst not being allowed to work for anyone else in the same period.

Employees who decide to accept the incentive will not be entitled to supplement their reduced income with additional work for any other organisation. The staff may also be called in at any point on an ad-hoc basis where work that requires their expertise arises.

Pall Kibsgard, Schlumbergers Cheif Executive, said in anticipation of the”extended activity weakness” the organisation had taken $530m in pre-tax restructuring costs as well as expanding “the incestivised leave of ascence program and reducing their workforce.

It’s understood that many Aberdeen based workers are waiting until the end of the year to find out if will regain employment and a further 30% of their salary.

Schlumberger has previously cut over 16,000 jobs across the worldwide oil and gas industry and this scheme is proposed as an alternative to further cuts.

The company has around 3,000 staff in Aberdeen and 100,000 staff worldwide in 85 countries.

One union source said: “Any scheme that has the support of the workforce that is a means to an end of protecting jobs is always welcome. These measures should only be taken on a voluntary basis.”


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