Shale Gas Rig On Fire

This is information which I got from my friends and I would like to share with you in order to emphasize the important of well control. I am not sure about the rig name. See photos and details below;

On Tuesday at around 4:16 pm local time, there has been an explosion and fire at Nabors Drilling Rig owned that worked for Whiting Petroleum, in the state of McKenzie, North Dakota. At that time a new rig drill depth of 15,000 feet, then there is pressure from the kick in the hole with a material that causes bursts of fire. Fire Brigade was spraying foam to extinguish it. A worker named Brian Busby suffered burns on his hands and his head and was rushed to the General Hospital in the town of Watford McKenzie to get treatment.


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8 Responses to Shale Gas Rig On Fire

  1. Rhys says:

    Happy to hear no one was killed by the sounds of it.

  2. nick says:

    I don’t believe the first picture in the series is of same incident. Multiple differences.

  3. Michael says:

    Really appreciate you guys for all the insightful information that you provide in ur site. Reall got some helpful tips while I was preparing for my iwcf exam. And I had excellent score in the supervisory level for combined stack. Challenge now is getting a job but I still come here to refresh my knowledge. I believe u will get job soon

  4. mabaya says:

    well control personal training and equipment very poor
    qhse must be increased
    red money

  5. CLIFF TEEL says:

    What was the material that causes bursts of fire??? Where was the BOP?

  6. Kejin Li says:

    Really appreciated share the information and remind the important of well control to whom working on the upstream of oil &gas wells drilling or completion.

  7. Rizki Desiarta says:

    15k ft is a quite deep well, especially for horizontal hole. How about the distant exposure of open hole along the lateral section, can it exhibit such high pressure? Also, as far as I know, most of blow out cases happened during trip operation which closely related to amount of mud level change due to pipe displacement and surge effect.

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