Shut in Procedures and Their Importance

Shut in Well Procedures

The shut in procedure must be developed and practiced for every rig activity such as:

• Shut in while drilling
• Shut in while tripping
• Shut in while running casing, tubing, completion, etc.
• Shut in while performing workover operation
• Shut in while logging
• Shut in while performing drill stem test

What is the main reason why we need to have the shut in procedure and frequently practice it?

The main reason to have the specific shut in procedure is to minimize kick volume entering into wellbore when well control situation occurs. Basically, the faster to recognize kick and shut in a well, it is the better to manage a well control situation. The amount of wellbore influx that enters the wellbore are minimized when personnel respond quickly to shut the well in. It is the fact that a small amount of kick entering into wellbore will result in lower initial shut-in casing pressure and lower casing pressure while circulating. What’s more, the lower pressure at surface will reduce the chance of breaking down hole formation, generally called underground blowout.

Who is responsible for shutting the well in?

Drillers are responsible for shut in the well. If any positive kick indications are observed, they must shut in the well first and confirm whether the well is correctly shut in or not. After that, they must inform supervisors on the rig.

It is not good practice if they see the positive kick indication and then he lets supervisors know instead of shutting in the well because the kick will be allowed to come into wellbore a lot.

Reference book: Well Control Books

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