Single Zone Completion

Single zone completion is one of the types of upper completion which allows producing only one zone. Production tubing is a flow path for fluid from a reservoir to flow to the surface so it protects the casing from corrosion and maximizes the efficiency of the flow.

In a single tubing string completion, typically a packer is set on top of a reservoir so the reservoir fluid can flow up into the production tubing. Types of packers are based on several factors as temperature, pressure, reservoir fluid, etc. Additionally, complexity of tubing and packer installation is driven by objectives.


Features of a Single String Completion are listed below;

  • Through tubing perforation can be performed.
  • Packer can be set with x-mas tree in place.
  • Reservoir can be isolated and workover operation can be done.
  • Downhole measurements can be effectively conducted.

Figure 1 and Figure 2 show a simple diagram of a single zone completion. In single zone completion, artificial lift methods as gas lift, ESP, etc. can be deployed.

Figure 1 - Single Zone Completion

Figure 1 – Single Zone Completion

Figure 2 - Single Zone Completion with Gas Lift

Figure 2 – Single Zone Completion with Gas Lift


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