Something wrong while pulling out

This is a few second vdo showing how fast the unexpected can be happened on the rig floor while tripping.

What was happened?


These are the possible causes.

  • Parted pipe
  • Stuck pipe
  • Bail failure
  • Trapped pressure
  • Operator error
  • Pipe handing equipment failure
  • Etc

 We don’t really know the root cause but what we can learn from this incident.

  • Driller must operate within the limit.
  • Driller must now the weight before pulling out.
  • Personnel must not stay close to the rotary table while pulling out.
  • Driller must inform the floor hand not to close to the floor while tripping out.
  • Everybody must aware of unexpected situation
  • Everybody always asks What-If.

What is your thought about this case?

Please share with us in order to make a safer work place.

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