A Premier Of Oil Well Drilling Review

A Primer of Oilwell Drilling: A Basic Text of Oil and Gas Drilling

For new persons who don’t have much idea about drilling, A Primer of Oilwell Drilling is a good book to start with. The wording in the book is written in a simple way so people can read and understand details regarding a drilling business.

The book covers every aspect of basic drilling knowledge and what people will learn from this book is listed below:

• History of rotary drilling

• Cable tool and rotary drilling

• Rig types (land and offshore rig)

• People involving in drilling industry

• Basic of geology as how oil and gas occur, hydrocarbon reservoirs, type of wells, etc.

• Drill site – how to select the drill site and how to manage the drill site

• Rig component, power system, hoisting system, etc

• Basic drilling operations such as drilling, tripping, running completion, circulating, cementing, etc

• Formation evaluation – wire line logging, mud logging, drill stem test, coring

• Completion basic – setting production casing, perforating, running tubing, etc

• Safety on the drilling rig.

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