Travelling Block Falling Down

Anything can happen in just a second while you working. This 1-minute VDO shows you what a catastrophe occurs in just a second.

From the vdo, it seems like the break did not work properly so everything hanging in the travelling block was falling down and hit the drillstring on the rig floor. It did not take long just about 12 second for this case to happen.

This is another event when the TDS and travelling blow falling down to the rig floor.

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Block and Drilling Line Calculation

This article will focus on block and drilling line calculations as block efficiency, drilling power input/output, etc. Additionally, there are some examples which will help you understand how the formulas work.


Block and drilling line efficiency formula is described below;

Block and Drilling Line Calculation 1

Power Output (Po) = Fh x Vtb

Power Input (Pi) = Ff x Vf

Block and Drilling Line Calculation 2

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