Basic Understanding about Cameron U BOP – Rams Blow Out Preventer

Suited towards surface or subsea applications, the Cameron Type ‘U’ preventer is one of well known wellbore pressure assisted ram preventers . It can come with a single ram (Figure 1) or double rams unit (Figure 2). When it comes to see whether the rams is in closed or opened position, this isn’t possible through observation alone and this is due to the operating rod’s tail end being enclosed inside the preventer itself. Since 1979, all Type ‘U’ preventers have required H2S service capabilities. One of key features of this BOP is a capability to pump open the bonnet doors. Once the four bonnet bolts have been removed, top-load ram changing is made easy by  applying closing pressure to push the bonnet out.

Figure 1 – Single Rams Unit – Camron U BOP

Figure 2 – Double Rams Unit – Camron U BOP

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