Casing Size Selection – How To Select Casing Size to Match the Drilling and Completion Goal

We’ve learnt several topics in regard to casing design and this article will demonstrate you how to determine casing size in the well.


Casing size selection is determined from the inside outward and it starts from the bottom hole.

The sequence of design is based on the following steps;

1. Proper sizing of tubing is determined by inflow performance analysis.

2. Completion equipment is planned to install with tubing string. Determine which part has the biggest OD. This will directly impact of production casing.

3. Bit size for drilling the production section.

4. Casing size must be smaller than bit size and its ID must be bigger than the biggest component in completion string.

5. Once you get the last casing string, the upper string is selected by repeating bit selection and casing selection similar to step #3 and #4.
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