Basic Understanding of Stripping Operation Well Control with Gas Influx

In the previous articles, we discuss about the stripping operation and techniques with non-migratable kicks as oil and water kick. This article will focus on the stripping operation with gas influx and we are going to describe some additional considerations that you need to account for. Gas kick is different from the liquid kicks because gas can naturally migrate. The gas migration affects the stripping operation because increase in casing pressure due to gas migration must be taken into considerations.

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Maximum Surface Pressure from Gas Influx in Water Based Mud

When a well is shut in due to well control operation, the casing pressure will increase due to gas migration and gas expansion. In water based mud, you are able to estimate the maximum surface pressure with this following formula.


Max surface pressure in psi.

P is expected formation pressure in psi.

V is pit volume gain in bbl.

KWM is kill weight mud in ppg.

An is an annular capacity in bbl/ft.

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