Drill string valves and IBOPs VDO Training

Drillstring valves and IBOPS are one of the most critical well control equipment on the rig. This VDO training will teach you about drillstring valves and iBOPs. After watching this, you will fully understand several of the valves and their applications. Additionally, we also have full VDO transcript to help anyone who are unable to fully understand the English speaking in the VDO. We wish you would enjoy watching it.

Full VDO Transcript


Drill string valves stop fluid from flowing up the drill string often if the drill kicks with the bit off bottom. Formation fluids flow from the annulus and up the drill string. Crewmembers close of the drill string valves. The flow is in the string, If the Kelly is made up the can close the upper or lower Kelly cock. If the Kelly is not made up then they can install the full opening safety valve in the top of the drill string.

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