Kick Scenarios in Horizontal Wells For Well Control

Drilling horizontal wells are always in the development phase and people know the geological area pretty well. Additionally, they can accurately determine reservoir pressure of the target sand for the horizontal candidate. Hence, drilling engineers can plan the well with less chance of being underbalance condition. However, there are several scenarios where the well control occurs in horizontal wells. We will need to understand what circumstances can create well control situations in the known well bore pressure like the horizontal wells.


Swabbed Kick

The swab in the horizontal wells is similar to swabbing in normal well. Swabbing effect can occur when the pipe is pulled off bottom for making up connection or when tripping out of hole. High rate of swab entering into the well can happen if swabbing occurs when tripping out of the hole. The length of horizontal section will be exposed to the differential swab pressure. On the other hand, the swab will be small when the pipe is pulled off bottom for making connection. In this case, you may see several small gas behind the bit which will show on the surface later. Continue reading