LeNorman Ruth 87-2H Fracking Accident – Hemphill County, TX

I’ve got this email from my friend. The bad incident was happened in Hemphill County TX (LeNorman Ruth 87-2H Fracking Accident). I would like to share in order to raise awareness of safety in the field.

This is the detail from email that I got.

Never think your ‘Safe’ because you’ve got a good safety record; or even an excellent safety team. We sometimes tend to forget ‘what we do’ is inherently dangerous. Always think ‘at some level’ about witch way to RUN when everything goes wrong.

This was on a location where 2 wells were being worked at same time. One well a zone was being fractured, while the other well was being perforated. Hemphill county in Texas, there are two contractors involving in the operation.

They were pumping at 8,500 psig when the 7″ production casing parted, the surface casing parted above that and the Frac Head, BOP’s and all that came which landed square in the middle of the Cased Hole Truck.

We would like to emphasize the importance of safety because working in the oilfield always involves with high pressure, stored energy, etc. The failure of recognizing the hazard can result in loss of time, money, life, etc.

Safety is number one as always.



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