Kick Penetration For Stripping Operation

Kick penetration is one of the most critical concerns for stripping operation because a kick height will change due to change of hole geometry. In this this article, we will describe about this situation.


This is will be happened when the string penetrates the kick.Height of influx will increase when the drillstring penetrates a kick; therefore, hydrostatic pressure decreases and casing pressure increases in order to compensate this situation.

If the casing is maintained constant while penetrating the kick, you will have high chance to take more influx because of underbalance situation (Figure 1). This article will teach you about how to determine pressure increment while penetrating into the kick, what to look for, etc. Continue reading

Basic Understanding about Well Control with Pipe off Bottom

Well control with pipe off the bottom is one of the most serious well control situations because kick below a drillstring can create very complicated situations when compared to a normal well control. This article will teach you about the basic well control when the pipe off bottom.

basic Understanding about Well Control with Pipe off Bottom

There are several well control techniques to manage when the kick comes into the well and it is below the pipe;

  • Use the Volumetric technique. The volumetric well control to let the gas migrate to surface with the bottom hole pressure nearly constant. This option is applicable when the influx is gas.
  • Strip the drillstring back to the bottom. This is applicable with non-migration kicks as water and oil.
  • Strip the drillstring utilizing the volumetric well control. This method can be used when you have a gas influx.
  • Snub (push) the pipe against the wellbore pressure down to the bottom
  • Kill the well off bottom using conventional well control methods as driller’s method and wait and weight. Typically, this is not recommended to use because you won’t get the kick out of the well and you may not be able to determine the kill weight mud correctly.

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