Schlumberger staff on gardening leave on 20% of pay but they can’t work anywhere else

Oil and Gas Employees in Aberdeen have been placed on gardening leave by oil giant Schlumberger for up to a year on 20% of their annual salary, however during this period they are not allowed to work for any other employer.

Oil giant Schlumberger have introduced an incentivised leave of absence scheme in a desperate attempt to retain skilled staff amid the global downturn within the oil and gas industry.

Members who choose to opt into the scheme are required to take up to a one year break from employment on a fraction of their regular annual pay whilst not being allowed to work for anyone else in the same period.
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4 signs that you are not doing very well for your oilfield interview – And how you can fix it

You shake interviewer’s hand and head back home quite happily thinking that you have nailed the interview and you think you should be offered a job in oil and gas industry. One week later…. And still you haven’t received the call.

What did you do wrong?

The interview was quite smooth, wasn’t it?


A survey was conducted by Career Builder in December 2014. It involved 2,100 HR and hiring managers. According to this survey about 50% of the hiring managers said that they knew enough about the candidate within the first 5 minutes of the interview to make the hiring decision. And within 15 minutes of the interview about 90% of the interviewers make their decision. So the smooth interview you had could mean that hiring manger from very beginning had decided that you were not a good fit. Continue reading

5 Ways NOT to Get the Attention of Hiring Managers in Oil and Gas Jobs

The increasingly competitive oil and gas career of today has made it quite difficult to stand out among large numbers of applicants all boosting same qualifications and skills. For this reason, the job applicants do everything in their capacity to attract the attention of hiring managers. It might sound great but as too much can be bad for anything.

All oilfield job candidates have same 3 goals: Capture the attention of a hiring manager, go good in interview, and land a job. But, in case you fail in first one, you will fail all of them.


Following are 5 don’ts, why they did not work and lastly what one should do.

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10 Tips to Make a Career in an Oilfield For New Personnel

Oil rig is basically a man made platform that is used for off-shore or land drilling. As an oil rig worker, one can work on both platforms, and is responsible for several tasks that are related to safely oil drilling. Usually the workers work for 14- 21 days at a stretch, prior to getting a shore relief. Apart from regular wages, the workers get all sort of facilities ranging from food, boarding and travel expenses. However, to get a job in oil rig as a rookie is quite difficult, because most of the oil rig managers seek for experience. Below we have mentioned some pointers that may come handy while trying to seek for a job in oil rig industry.

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Oilfield Salary Survey and Comparison Study Based on Q3 2014

We’ve collected salary information from the most trusted oilfield website,, about salary and compensation for Q3 2014. At this time, we have the comparison between Q1 salary and Q3 salary.


Oilfield Salary Based On Geographical Locations Based on Q3 2014 Data

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