Basic Pressure Control In Drilling

Pressure under the earth is one of the most dangerous things that drilling personnel need to deal with. If the pressure does not take care properly, lost of the well can be occurred.  Learning the basic about pressure control is very critical therefore we would like to share this valuable oilfield VDO regarding this topic. Additionally, full VDO transcript is provided for accelerate your learning. We wish you would enjoy watching and learning from it.

Basic Pressure Control In Drilling – Full VDO Transcript



Fluids in a formation are under pressure. When drilled, this pressure can escape to the surface if it is not controlled. Normally, drilling mud offsets formation pressure, that is the weight or pressure of the drilling mud keeps fluids in the formation from coming to the surface.

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Basic Understanding of Hydraulic Fracturing

Geologists have known for years that substantial deposits of oil and natural gas are trapped in deep shale formations. These shale reservoirs were created tens of millions of years ago. Around the world today with modern and horizontal drilling techniques and hydraulic fracturing, the trapped oil and natural gas in these shale reservoirs is being safely and efficiently produced, gathered and distributed to customers.


Let’s look at a drilling and completion process of a typical oil and natural gas well. Shale reservoirs are usually one mile or more below the surface.  Well below any underground source of drinking water, which is typically no more than 300-1000 feet below the surface(Figure 1)

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Learn The Basic About Drilling Rig Types from VDO Training Plus Transcript

This is another training VDO that is very good for entry level personnel who are working in the oilfield industry especially drilling part. This VDO will give the over view regarding rig types and their applications.

rig types vdo training

Additionally, we also add the VDO transcript to help people understand about the content clearly. Please feel free to share if you think this is advantageous for anybody.

VDO Transcript

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Drill String Components – VDO Training

This is a great VDO Training about drill  string components. We also added the detailed transcripts so you can learn from the VDO effectively.

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Transcription of Drill String Components 

drillstring component

There are many components that make up the drill string as shown in this graphic. Drill pipe is a strong but relatively lightweight pipe. Crew members attach it to a top drive or Kelly. Drill pipe forms the upper part of the drill string. Usually the drill pipe rotates which also rotates the bit. Each section of pipe is called a joint. Crew members screw together or make up several joints and put them in to the hole as the bit drills.

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