Well Head Installation Video

Wellhead installation is one of most fascinating topics and it is very difficult to  visualize how this operation is performed. However, if you see this video, it will make the learning process so easy. This video demonstrate how to a stack wellhead from the beginning to the end of the process. Furthermore, we also add full video transcript which may help some learners to let more understanding.

Full VDO Transcript


There may be several strings of pipe in any given well. The number of the strings is determined by the number of zones being drilled through. These can include freshwater, saltwater and potential productions zones. Depicted here are 4 production or ‘pay zones’. Each zone would be cased off or isolated until it is to be produced.

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Shock and Vibration in Drilling VDO

This is one of excellent VDO demonstrating shock and vibration in the drillstring by Schlumberger. In this VDO, you will learn about mechanisms of shock and vibration, types of whirls and how these will damage your drillstring and BHA. Moreover, we provide the VDO transcript to help you get more understand about the content of this VDO as well.

Full VDO Transcript

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Only 21 Seconds Can Change Your Life – Fingerboard Incident

One of my colleague shared this vdo in the HES meeting and I was stunning on how quick of this incident happening. This is very short VDO only 21 seconds but it is worth to learn to prevent this same situation.

What was happened?

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Blowout Preventers (BOP) VDO Training

All drilling rigs have the Blow Out Preventer because it is a mandatory equipment for well control, therefore personnel who has work relating to drilling operation must learn about the BOP. Learning via VDO training gives you several advantages as clear descriptions with relating images, etc so learners can learn faster and get correct massage.

This VDO below teaches about the BOP and we also provide the full VDO transcript as usual to accelerate learning capability.

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