Only 21 Seconds Can Change Your Life – Fingerboard Incident

One of my colleague shared this vdo in the HES meeting and I was stunning on how quick of this incident happening. This is very short VDO only 21 seconds but it is worth to learn to prevent this same situation.

What was happened?

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GOM Offshore Oil Platform Rig Explosion – Alfa Platform Pemex Oil – 300 Evacuated

Safety is Always !!!

It was a very sad oilfield incident and these are NEWS from two sources, AP and reuter.

MEXICO CITY (AP) — A fire erupted Wednesday at an oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico, killing four workers, injuring 16 and forcing the evacuation of 300, Mexico’s state-owned oil company said.

A survivor of the blaze on the Abkatun Permanente platform in the Campeche Sound said workers “jumped into the sea out of desperation and panic.”

“There was nothing you could do but run,” said Roger Arias Sanchez, an employee of Petroleos Mexicanos’ contractor Cotemar who escaped the burning platform in an evacuation boat. He spoke in Ciudad del Carmen in Campeche state, where most of the injured and evacuated workers were taken.

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The Fastest Running Casing Speed on The Planet!!!

Running casing is one of the most critical parts of drilling operation therefore people want a safe and efficient running casing operation. Without proper safeguard in place, the casing run can be fast like this but it was not a successful job.

From this VDO, it seems like the surface casing was run into the well but there was something wrong on the rig floor that resulted in dropping casing into the wellbore. We share this vdo because we would like to promote safe work place and let us learn from it.

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Loss of Concentration While Breaking Out Connection

You need to watch this VDO. In just few seconds, the incident was occurred because the driller did not turn off a mud pump before breaking out the connection.

What Went Wrong?

– The driller did not pay attention to the operation.
– Stored energy of hydraulic pressure

How Can We Prevent This Situation?

– Raise awareness of people working on the rig
– Always check the pump status before starting any operation
– People working on the rig floor are required to check the pipe to see if the flow still continues
– Use a pneumatic mud bucket
– Watch out for each other

What Do You Think on How To Prevent This?



Please feel free to give us any ideas.