Piston Force on Open-Ended Tubular

Piston force is a load caused directly by changes in pressure acting on the exposed cross sectional area of pipe. This results in changing in length of tubular and force acting against tubular. In this article, it generally demonstrates force distribution based on a simple tubular diagram.


Tubing Detail

  • 5” Tubing
  • ID of tubing = 3.696”
  • Weight per length = 17.7 lb/ft
  • Total Length = 10,000 ft
  • Fluid density = 10 ppg
  • Tubing is free to move in the packer
  • Applied surface pressure = 5,000 psi

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Open Hole Fishing (Video Training)

Open hole fishing is one of the most time consumed operation  because it involves a lot of unknown down hole conditions. In order to have successful fishing operation, it is imperative to fully understand about the open hole fishing tool. The video training below provided by Weatherfor is considered as one of the best fishing operation video training. Additionally, the full video transcription is provided to help people understand this topic.

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