Possible Kick (wellbore influx) Indications Part2

This is the second part of the possible kick indications that I would like to share with you.

Decrease in d-Exponent Value

Normally, trends of d-Exponent will increase as we drill deeper, but this value will decrease to lower values than what we expect in transition zones. By closely monitored d-Exponent, d-Exponent chart will be useful for people on the rig to notify the high pressure transition zones.

Read and understand about d-Exponent and learn how to calculate d-Exponent and normalized d-Exponent (corrected d-Exponent)

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Possible Kick (wellbore influx) Indications Part1

Possible Kick Indications mean that there is possibility to get influx into wellbore. The indications can be either kick or just formation react while drilling. You need to remember that just only a single possible indicator cannot may not good enough to identify underbalanced condition in wellbore and the possible kick indicators must be used collectively. Therefore, drilling team on the rig needs to closely monitor the well and prepare appropriate action plans.

The possible kick indications are as follows;

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