Drilling Fluids, Mud Pumps, and Conditioning Equipment Book Review

Learning about drilling fluids, mud pumps and conditioning equipment is required basic knowledge which personnel working on the rig must understand. In the old day, you may need to take a lot of time to learn this knowledge. Nowadays, Petroleum Extension Service publishes the book named “Drilling Fluids, Mud Pumps, and Conditioning Equipment” which will provide learners a lot of essential thing regarding drilling fluids, mud pumps and equipment. Today, I would like to review this book so you will know what inside and what you will you get from it.

What will you learn from this book?

These are brief contents which you will learn from the book.

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The Rotary Rig and Its Components Book Review

Rig components may not be a problem with experience people who have been working on the rig for awhile. However, new people will totally blind what each equipment is. I remember since I was a new hand on the rig. No one taught me what the rotary drilling is, how equipment works or even what the equipment is called. I took times several months to know the drilling rig and its components.

Currently, everything is changed in a better way on how we learn thing. University of Texas at Austin publishes the very useful book named “The Rotary Rig and Its Components” which is especially for new people on the rig. The language is written in a non-technical perspective so readers can learn the details without any drilling background.

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Diesel Engine and Electric Power (Rotary Drilling) Book Review

This is one of books in the rotary drilling series from Petroleum extension service, University of Texas at Austin. It contains a lot of basic knowledge regarding diesel and electric power for drilling rig. As you may know, it is not easy to understand all about basic details about engines used in the drilling rigs because there are so many details.

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A Premier Of Oil Well Drilling Review

A Primer of Oilwell Drilling: A Basic Text of Oil and Gas Drilling

For new persons who don’t have much idea about drilling, A Primer of Oilwell Drilling is a good book to start with. The wording in the book is written in a simple way so people can read and understand details regarding a drilling business.

The book covers every aspect of basic drilling knowledge and what people will learn from this book is listed below:

• History of rotary drilling

• Cable tool and rotary drilling

• Rig types (land and offshore rig)

• People involving in drilling industry

• Basic of geology as how oil and gas occur, hydrocarbon reservoirs, type of wells, etc.

• Drill site – how to select the drill site and how to manage the drill site

• Rig component, power system, hoisting system, etc

• Basic drilling operations such as drilling, tripping, running completion, circulating, cementing, etc

• Formation evaluation – wire line logging, mud logging, drill stem test, coring

• Completion basic – setting production casing, perforating, running tubing, etc

• Safety on the drilling rig.

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