Cement Calculator (Metric Unit) Excel Spreadsheet

Jonathan Lukye who is a supervisor from Sanjel in Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada shares his cement Excel spreadsheet. He has been working on a Metric Cement Calculator in Excel. In the Excel spreadsheet, it contains; Surface Cement, Intermediate / Production, Liner, Retainer, Plugs, Deviated Hole and Squeeze.

This is the latest version as of 14 September 2016.

Updated features of this version

  • Remove the code has made the calculator’s footprint smaller and faster on Smart Devices.
  • Make the file smaller
  • Fix some calculation errors
  • Fix cement plug calculation


The Surface, Intermediate and Liner Worksheets are “automatic” where there is no need for a handbook for factors as the sheet calculates them.  They also print out the job procedure for that sheet. Continue reading

Cement Squeeze and Cement Balanced Plug Spreadsheet Free Download

Cement squeeze and balanced cement plug are one of the most critical cement jobs on drilling sites. It is very critical to have the correct volume of cement and displacement in order to be successful in this operation. We create simple Excel spread sheets for both operations and these sheets are free for you to download. However, you need to carefully read the details below to understand the limitation of these two files because the calculations are based on specific criteria.


Cement Squeeze and Balanced Plug

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