Stripping with Volumetric Control Steps and Example Calculations

This example demonstrates the calculations and the steps of the stripping with volumetric control so it will help you understand about what calculations required are and how to perform the stripping with volumetric control.

stripping with volumetric well control

Gas kick at the bottom but the drillstring is out of bottom. The kick is introduced while pulling out of hole and the following information below is the well information. Continue reading

Practical Considerations for Stripping Well Control Operation

This section will discuss some practical stand points of the stripping operation with and without volumetric control. Additionally, this will summarize some key points for both methods of stripping for off bottom well control.

practical consideration

General Practical Considerations

Stripping operation requires accurate measurement of fluid bled off therefore it is very critical to have a small trip tank or a stripping tank for the operation. Furthermore, when the drillstring is stripped deeper, you might need to fill the pipe. You need to ensure that the volume filled up will not create any confusion with the bleed of volume. There are some cases when personnel don’t track the volume properly and finally the kick is unintentionally introduced into the wellbore. Continue reading