Determine surge and swab pressure method 2 Calculation Example

This section will show to how to use the formula from the previous topic, surge and swab pressure calculation 2nd method , to determine surge and swab pressure. I still use the same parameters as I used for the first method of surge and swab pressure calculation so you can compare the result between method#1 and method#2.


The well information is listed below:

θ300 = 85

θ600 = 130

Hole diameter = 9 inch

Drill Collar = 6.25 inch

ID of drill collar = 2.5 inch

Drillpipe diameter = 5 inch

ID of drill pipe = 3.5 inch

Average pipe running or pulling speed = 250 ft/min

Drill Pipe Length = 12000 ft

Drill Collar Length = 800 ft

Current Mud Weight = 12.5 ppg

Well TVD = 9000 ft


Determine pressure loss around drill pipe

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