Shell Offshore 101 – One of the best ebooks in oil and gas industry

Shell Offshore 101 is one of the excellent educational documents which help educate people to understand about the upstream business. All documents are written in simple English with a lot of images which are extremely useful for everyone, especially new people.

In this series, there are nice chapters listed below;

Table of Contents

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Review Offshore Book 2014 – an overview of the offshore oil & gas industry

The “Offshore Book – an overview of the offshore oil & gas industry” is one of the best ebook about offshore oil and gas industry. This book is belong to


This book is an introduction to offshore oil and gas industry and it is written in a simple language in order to educate people about offshore industry. This book is a very good start for new engineers, university students, non-technical personnel; however, there are some topics that is still excellent for experience workforces. The content is based on North Sea and Danish conditions but it is still applicable for any offshore workplaces. Continue reading

Review Fracking Primer EBook by API

Hydraulic Fracturing Primer is published by American Petroleum Institute (API) to help people understand about fracking correctly. In this ebook, it contains a technical detail about Fracking for non-technical people to understand the content. Additionally, there are tons of images, diagrams, charts, and illustrations in order to educate people.

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Oil and Gas Production Handbook Review

Today, we would like to recommend you to read this book – Oil and Gas Production Handbook which is one of the best free ebooks for oilfield personnel .

Oil and Gas Production Handbook

An Introduction to Oil and Gas Production, Transport, Refining and Petrochemical Industry

Edition 3.0 Oslo, August 2013

Håvard Devold

©2006 – 2013 ABB Oil and Gas

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Introduction to Oil and Gas Industry E-book Free Download – Oil – An Introduction for New Zealanders

Do you ever want to explain to your friends and family members to understand about oil and gas industry?

You know that it is quite difficult to explain someone who never been working and involving in this industry to fully understand the big picture. You need to share this book to them.

Oil: An Introduction for New Zealanders by Ralph D. Samuelson



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