Why Was This Well Control Situation Happened?

You need to watch the VDO below. It demonstrated the situation before the blowout was occurred.

These are some possible root causes which contributes to this situation.


  • Improper hole fill
  • Lack of properly tracking the trip sheet
  • Incompetent crew
  • Full Openning Safety Valve and IBOP were not properly prepared to stab in. The crew were looking at them when they found out that the flow was coming up from the drillstring.
  • No float valve in the drillstring
  • Take to long to shut the well in. You can see only 4 minutes before the massive blowout was blowing on the rig floor.
  • Lack of well control knowledge and training
  • Possible to swab the well in
  • What do you think about this well control situation?

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