Well Flowing After Disconnecting The Wireline Lubricator – Well Control Situation

Please watch the footage below. It was a flow back after breaking out the lubricator on the rig floor.

We don’t know full details what was happened but from what we’ve seen in this VDO, it shown that the well was flowing after the wireline operation was completed. The crew broke out the connection between the wireline lubricator and the string set on the rotary table.  Few seconds after the connection was removed, the well flowed back. The flow became stronger as you can see the drilling fluid was pushed out from the drillstring quickly and the rotary table started to turn black. The lubricator was pushed by hydraulic power from the mud and it was swung around. Eventually, the crew went back to connect the lubricator to the string and the well stopped flowing.  It seem like the situation was under control at the end. Luckily, there was no gas or any spark that can cause fire on the rig floor.

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