The Fastest Running Casing Speed on The Planet!!!

Running casing is one of the most critical parts of drilling operation therefore people want a safe and efficient running casing operation. Without proper safeguard in place, the casing run can be fast like this but it was not a successful job.

From this VDO, it seems like the surface casing was run into the well but there was something wrong on the rig floor that resulted in dropping casing into the wellbore. We share this vdo because we would like to promote safe work place and let us learn from it.

What Do We Learn from This Footage?


There was something wrong on the rig floor. Some handling tool might fail to hold the casing string. Crew may unintentionally release slip. Many more things were happened that we don’t know. However, we would like to take an opportunity to discuss how to prevent this situation.

• Review a job procedure with all related personnel
• Review crew positions while working prior to commencing the job
• Encourage crew to stop the job any time
• Emphasize that FAST is not the ultimate goal for the operation. Safe and efficient operation is the main key.
• Inspect all casing handling gears as elevators, slips, dog collars, etc
• Discuss potential hazard for the operation and have open-ended questions asked the crew to ensure that they know their roles and responsibilities

What is Your Thought about This?


Please feel free to share with us.

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5 Responses to The Fastest Running Casing Speed on The Planet!!!

  1. Sabry mansour says:

    looks like casing is held up and spider elevator was opened due to high running speed

  2. Tariq Mughal says:

    It looks they are running very fast, and every one in hurry
    Due to this slips not closed completely and elevator/spider opened
    Causing casing drop in well.
    Rig manager

  3. Frederick Braun says:

    It’s possible the elevator’s latch broke or got opened before the slips we’re set.
    It’s possible that a collar pulled.

  4. Mark Edmond says:

    Similar thing happened when I was a roughneck a long time ago. The roughnecks, A/D. Driller and Co man looking down through the rotary table expecting the casing to just pop back up!!!. Can laugh now but not funny at the time.

  5. Mohamed Ali says:

    1)-Possible due to a bad communication between the driller and the D/man who unlatch the spider elevator before setting the slips (possible pooh for any reason).
    2)-Possible the D/m didn’t secure the side door elevator or not properly closed.
    3)-Possible the D/man set the spider elevator on the collar (not below)
    4)- Possible by mistake the operator open the spider elevator (with light weight it could be open)
    5)-Possible wrong size slips or bad dies
    6)- Possible spider elevator not properly closed due to bad piston and bad maintenance.
    7)-Possible side door elevator main pin broken and parted.
    8)- possible site door elevator under gauge.
    9)- possible opened by “GOST” (please this is just joke to make you smiling after this catastrophe)

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