The object was accidentally dropped into the rotary table

You need to watch and see till almost the end. You will see what wrong.

The object is accidentally dropped into the wellbore. This would cause a lot of time and money to fish it. 

These are some comments from people.

Brennon Larose – All a person has to do is close blind Rams break the bit hoist up put the hole cover on then screw the bit off by hand then if it ever did fall in the hole the bit would be sitting on the blind Rams

John Osborne –  People saying close blind Rams are in my opinion wrong Rams only supposed to be closed in an emergency closing Rams to stop things falling down hole is bad practice there is always another way lifting cap tugger ensure dog collar was secure this could have been avoided easily.

You don’t close blind Rams to protect hole this is bad practice dog collar should be properly maintained and to lift bit out of hole like this is wrong as soon as bit sub disconnected lifting cap should have been installed no matter how small bit it and then tugger attached closing Rams for this is wrong.

If you closely watch video it’s clear that this was not a bit in hole they had side door casing elevators on bales which appear to be sized for approx 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 so they had probably just pulled out hole old casing which historically is when things start to go wrong crew fatigue excitement of job nearly complete a time when driller and crew should be more vigilant human error yes but totally avoidable.

Jason Abel – This what fast tracking & little experience results in, oh and a driller with his head up his arse. Why wasn’t it screwed onto bit sub first while hole was covered.

Venus Houde – How are you supposed to monitor for returns with closed blind rams? Always monitor open hole. Always cover the hole on the rig floor. They should have made up the bit to the sub and the motor or collar before ever putting it in the hole.

Mickey Turner – Well bit breaker latch was in need of repair. So keep your equipment in good shape. And don’t just through it when thru with it (which I have done). Make sure your on same page with anyone on a lift. No matter how small or big. As for as blinds being closed that’s day 1 stuff.

How can we prevent this issue?

Please feel free to share your thought in the comment below.

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3 Responses to The object was accidentally dropped into the rotary table

  1. Stan Herring says:

    It looks like they had just come out of the hole and were getting ready to run casing. Bit was in rotary held by dog collar (baad practice) and obviously a poorly run operation. Sloppy job

    Poor maintenace on dog collar
    Poor procedures for handling tools
    Poor training of crews

  2. There are several issues here. First of all the bit should have been soft broken and then pushed off to the side of the hole to allow the hole cover to be put in place. Then the bit is screwed off the BHA making sure the bit breaker is properly pinned which obviously this was wasn’t. This crew and especially the driller are not competent and where was the company man and rig manager during this operation to ensure shit like this doesn’t happen. Driller would be sent home and probably floor hands as well in my world.

  3. David says:

    I really didn’t see what fell. And I read all this massages left. Rule one when you get out of hole is close your blind Rams and monitor flow on trip tank if you have surface set and are nippled up. And if you could pick it up with your hand it should have not been broken over the open hole. Hole should be covered and protected at all times. And it’s easer and cheaper to fish for something on top of the blinds the 20,000′ unless your BOPs are on the ocian bottom.

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