The Rotary Rig and Its Components Book Review

Rig components may not be a problem with experience people who have been working on the rig for awhile. However, new people will totally blind what each equipment is. I remember since I was a new hand on the rig. No one taught me what the rotary drilling is, how equipment works or even what the equipment is called. I took times several months to know the drilling rig and its components.

Currently, everything is changed in a better way on how we learn thing. University of Texas at Austin publishes the very useful book named “The Rotary Rig and Its Components” which is especially for new people on the rig. The language is written in a non-technical perspective so readers can learn the details without any drilling background.

The basic knowledge covered in the book is listed below

• Unit of measurement used on the rig

• Power system

• Hoisting system

• Rotary system

• Circulating system

• Well control equipment

• Auxiliaries on the rig

• The drilling crew

• Basic glossary

• Review questions and answers

Conclusion: The book is good for new personnel. The book covers all basic of drilling rig and its components and everything is described simply so anybody can follow. You can buy it at because it offers good prices and worldwide delivery. Check out the link below to buy it.

 The Rotary Rig and Its Components

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