Ton-Miles for Setting Casing

For the setting casing operation, the ton-miles calculation of this operation is similar to round trip ton-miles calculation. Nevertheless, buoyed weight of the casing will be used into calculation instead of buoyed weight of drill pipe and with the result will be multiplied by 0.5, because setting casing is just only one-way operation (1/2 round trip).

Ton-miles for setting casing can be determined from the following formula:

Tc = {Wp x D x (Lcs + D) + D x Wb} x 0.5 ÷ (5280 x 2000)

Where; Tc = ton-miles setting casing
Wp = buoyed weight of casing in lb/ft
Lcs = length of one joint of casing in ft
Wb = weight of travelling block assembly in lb
D = depth of casing in ft
2000 = number of pounds in one ton
5280 = number of feet in one mile

Example: Ton-Miles for Setting Casing

Mud weight = 10.0 ppg
Casing weight = 25.0 lb/ft
Depth of casing = 5200 ft
Travelling block assembly = 95,000 lb
Length of one joint of casing = 42 ft


a) Buoyancy factor:
BF = (65.5 – 10.0) ÷ 65.5
BF = 0.8473

b) Buoyed weight of casing in mud, lb/ft (Wp):
Wp = 25.0 lb/ft x 0.8473
Wp = 21.18 lb/ft

c) Casing ton-miles
Tc = {21.18 x 5,200 x (42 + 5,200) + 5,200 x 95,000} x 0.5 ÷ (5280 x 2000)
Tc = 50.73 tone-miles

Ton-Mile (TM) for Setting Casing Calculation Sheet

Ref book: Drilling Formula Book Formulas and Calculations for Drilling, Production and Workover, Second Edition

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  1. Mervin Godoy says:

    Esta muy bien este sitios para lo que vivimos del campo petrolero , es la primera vez que visito esta pagina y me parece muy bien para las consulta que estaba buscando, espero que se siga actualizando la pagina con las mejoras que hay en el campo petrolero

  2. Mahmoud Nader says:

    hi ,
    I have just noticed that the formula which given here for caculating running casing ton miles is wrong .
    the correct formula is :
    Tc={ [Wp * D * (Lcs + D) + (2D * 2Wb)] * 0.5 } / (5280*2000)


  3. Matteo says:

    Running mixed csg like 2 7/8″ TBG and 5″ cgs will change the formula?
    Thanks in advance

  4. Eva says:

    I can’t download any of the ton mile excel sheet. Is it still available on the server?

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