Travelling Block Falling Down

Anything can happen in just a second while you working. This 1-minute VDO shows you what a catastrophe occurs in just a second.

From the vdo, it seems like the break did not work properly so everything hanging in the travelling block was falling down and hit the drillstring on the rig floor. It did not take long just about 12 second for this case to happen.

This is another event when the TDS and travelling blow falling down to the rig floor.

We don’t have more details about these two cases but we would like to share with you. Safety is very important when especially you work in the field where many types of machinery are being operated. . You must always look around and don’t trust any machine.

Lesson Learned from These Two cases

  • Always look for the escape routes.
  • Maintain integrity of machinery and ensure that they are always properly maintained.
  • Always check equipment before use it.
  • Always have a third eye to help spot any defect
  • Run away quickly if the situation could not be solved. Your safety is priority.

What Do You Thought about These Two Cases?


Please feel free to share what you think about this one. Your valuable comment may help others in the future.

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7 Responses to Travelling Block Falling Down

  1. U Soe Myint says:

    Should use the drum clutch as a brake as soon as drum brake slipped.
    Use emergency brake system at drawworks

  2. ejikeme augustine eloka says:

    I think safety should be observed at all time.
    I like what the floor man did by running away.
    though our travelling block has not failed but i will be very much careful.

  3. FredG says:

    That is one of the reasons we have ‘RED’ zones implemented on our rig floor. No job on rig floor no person in red zones. Accidents like this can happen at any time and is always unexpected due to equipment failure, human error and dropped objects. Stay safe all.

  4. Morris says:

    Floor men should always be careful and observant while on rig floor.

  5. Morris Ajunwo says:

    Floor men should always be careful and observant while on rig floor

  6. Daylight says:

    As a supervisor always double check employee work. After a slip & cut on my rig. A driller had two new hands that were veterans that were bumped back dwn to make up the clamp on the horses head. After the block were unhung some noticed that the brass were sitting next to the horses head! They rehung the blocks and nobody was hurt!

  7. safwat says:

    I think travelling block and safety system have an emergency break when block reaches cretin level.
    In both video it was working , I think either rig does not have such emergency break or it was malfunction.
    the solution : to have this type of emergency break in place and in good condition.

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