Useful Oilfield E-book That You Can Download Them for Free

This post will give you the guideline about the useful oilfield ebook that you can download it for free. There are variety of subjects which you may have a look in the following details;


Project Management for the Oil and Gas Industry Free-E-Book---Project-Management-for-the-Oil-and-Gas-Industry

Project Management for the Oil and Gas Industry A World System Approach written by Adedeji B. Badiru and Samuel O. Osisanya is one of the best project management books/e-books in oil and gas industry.

Upstream Oil & Gas Overview SlidesUpstream-Oil-&-Gas-Overview-Slides

IOM3 (The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining) share another good presentation about upstream oil and gas overview. This is an excellent document which will help people understand more about oil and gas industry.

An Introduction to Oil & Gas Drilling and Well OperationsAn-Introduction-to-Oil-&-Gas-Drilling-and-Well-Operations

This document shows all the basic of drilling and well operation in very simple language term. Additionally, there are several images which help explain content in this document clearly. This is a very good document when you try to explain overall drilling and well operation to new team members who don’t have much oilfield experience.

Shell Offshore 101 – One of the best ebooks in oil and gas industry Shell-Offshore-101-–-One-of-the-best-ebooks-in-oil-and-gas-industry

Shell Offshore 101 is one of the excellent educational documents which help educate people to understand about the upstream business. All documents are written in simple English with a lot of images which are extremely useful for everyone, especially new people.

Offshore Book 2014 – an overview of the offshore oil & gas industryOffshore-Book-2014-–-an-overview-of-the-offshore-oil-&-gas-industry

This book is an introduction to offshore oil and gas industry and it is written in a simple language in order to educate people about offshore industry. This book is a very good start for new engineers, university students, non-technical personnel; however, there are some topics that is still excellent for experience workforces.

Fracking Primer EBook by APIFracking-Primer-EBook-by-API

Hydraulic Fracturing Primer is published by American Petroleum Institute (API) to help people understand about fracking correctly. In this ebook, it contains a technical detail about Fracking for non-technical people to understand the content. Additionally, there are tons of images, diagrams, charts, and illustrations in order to educate people.

Oil and Gas Production HandbookOil-and-Gas-Production-Handbook

This ebook, there are several of topics covered in both upstream and downstream business. You will learn about oilfield from start (exploration) to finish (refinery) and it has an interesting topic about unconventional resource.

Oil – An Introduction for New Zealanders Oil-–-An-Introduction-for-New-Zealanders

This book was written by Ralph D. Samuelson to promote the right information to New Zealand people. Not only is this book good for new Zealanders but also it is very useful for anybody. It is an excellent book because it covers a lot of aspects of oil industry with a non-technical language therefore everybody can understand the contents from the book easily.

Introduction to Wellbore Position Introduction-to-Wellbore-Position

Introduction to Wellbore Positioning by Prof Angus Jamieson at University of the Highlands & Islands. This is one of the best books regarding wellbore positioning. In the book, only does it have the text, but also contains tons of picture which will help learners to get more understanding of this topic.




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