Watherford Connection Data Book

This is a useful ebook, Watherford Connection Data Book, containing a lot of technical specification of tubular connection.


You will find the following information in this book;

• Tubing – Casing Data

• Clearance between standard bits and casing sizes

• Fiberglass pipe tubing and casing

• Sucker rods dimensions of API sucker and pony rods

• API drillpipe list

• Drill pipe steel grades and tensile requirements

• Mechanical properties of new tool joints and new high strength drill pipe

• Mechanical properties of new tool joints and new grade “E” drill pipe

• Recommended minimum OD and make up torque of weld-on type tool joints

• Minimum recommended make-up torque for shouldered drill collar connection

• Thread compounds

• Pressure rating

• Common conversion factor

There are several types of connections that you can find from this book.

API standard – API non-upset tubing, external upset tubing, Butress Thread Casing, Extreme Line Thread Casing, Long round thread casing, short round thread casing

Atlas Bradford – FL-4S, IJ-4S, TC-4S both tubing and casing

Baker Hughes – RTS-6, RTS-8 tubing, NJO Casing

Dril-Quip – Quik-Thread connection S-60, S-60D, C-60, E-60, H-90, H-60, FB-60

Hunting/Kawasaki – FOX casing/tubing

Hydril – Tubing : A95/CS, PH4, PH6, SuPreme CRA, 503. Casing: MAC, SuPreme LX, 512, 563

Interlock – Tubing: Seal-Lock PC, TC NU-Lock, I-J NU-Lock, Lock-It/Lock-It Eight, HD Lock-It. Casing: Seal-Lock HC, HW Seal-Lock

Mannsesmann – Tubing: ST/C and ST/P, TDS, BDS. Casing : MUST, Omega, Big Omega, BJO

Nippon Kokan – Tubing: EL, 2SC, 3SB

Nippon Steel – Tubing: NS-CT, NS-IT. Casing: NS-CC, NS-IC

Sumitomo – Callourec connection

TPS – TS-6,8 tubing

Vallourec – Casing/Tubing: VAM ACE, VAM FJL, NEW VAM

Vetco: Cetco Threaded Connection Type LS and LS-2, RL-4 and RL-4S

Download the Watherford Connection Data Book here => 

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2 Responses to Watherford Connection Data Book

  1. Arne Ohrstrand says:

    This edition is over 20 yrs old! Sure there must have been an update on threads since then?


  2. Saeed says:

    Is there any difference between casing connectors and connections?

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