Weatherford Fishing Handbook

Weatherford Fishing Handbook – this is ebook version which is very handy because it contains a lot of fishing information that people need to know and apply in the field.

These are contents in the book as follows;

Alphabetical Listing of Tools

Cardinal Rules of Pipe Recovery

Mud Properties for Fishing

Cardinal Rules of Fishing

Field Use Formulas

Four Elements of Effective Jarring Operation

Stuck Pipe Situations

General Operational Comments on Fishing Tools

Weatherford Fishing Handbook


Cased Hole Fishing: Recommended Overshot/Washpipe/Cutter

Recommended Drill Pipe & Drill Collars for Open Hole & Cased Hole

Manual Stretch Calculations Based on Young’s Modulus

Buoyancy Factor

Demonstration of Buoyancy

String Shot Rod; Free Point Tool

Pipe Recovery Log

Pipe Recovery Log with Gamma Ray Log in Conjunction

Differential Temperature Log

Chemical Cutters

Freepoint Indicators

Baker Atlas Chemical Cutter

Pipe Recovery Systems: Selection Guide F/Wedge Type Chemical Cutter

Pipe Recovery Systems: Selection Guide F/Direct Action Chemical Cutter

Pipe Recovery Systems: Chemical Cutter Temperature and Pressure Ratings

Jet Cutters

Tools for Fishing Junk – Quiz

Tools for Fishing Junk – Answers

Fishing Wire-Line / Not Parted

Cable Guide Fishing Method

Fishing Wire-Line / Parted

Weatherford Fishing Handbook

Weatherford Fishing Handbook

 Download the book here =>

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  2. I ,am interested for hand book about fishing tool of weatherboard availability and detail procedure can you pl provide me the mentioned book I am presently working in pol Pakistan as company man.

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