Well Control Equations 2016 Version

We have updated the well control equations ebook. In this ebook, it covers important well control equations in oilfield unit. The file is in pdf format and it is free to download.


These are well control formulas in this well control equation ebook 2016 version.

– Pressure (P) – psi
– Pressure Gradient (G) – psi/ft
– Hydrostatic Pressure (HP) – psi
– Bottom Hole Pressure (BHP) – psi
– Formation Pressure (FP) – psi
– Equivalent Circulating Density (ECD) , ppg
– Leak-off Test Equivalent Mud Weight (LOT), ppg
– Maximum Initial Shut-In Casing Pressure (MISICP), psi
– Kill Mud Weight to Balance Formation (KMW), ppg
– Slow Circulation Rate (SCR), psi
– Annulus Capacity Factor (ACF),bbl/ft
– Final Circulating Pressure (FCP), psi
– Surface To Bit Strokes, strokes
– Circulating Time, minutes
– Capacity Factor (CF), bbl/ft
– Opened End Pipe Displacement, bbl/ft
– Closed end pipe displacement, bbl/ft
– Height of Influx, ft
– Approximate gas migration rate, ft/hr
– Sacks of Barite Required For Weight-up, sx
– Volume Gain From Slug, bbl
– Triplex Pump Output (volume), bbl/stroke
– Pump Output, bbl/min
– New Pump Pressure With New Pump Strokes, psi
– Boyle’s Law – Gas Pressure and Volume Relationship
– Mud Increment for Volumetric Method (MI), bbl
– Lube Increment for Lubricate and Bleed Method (LI), bbl
– Bottle Capacity Required, gal
– Volume of Usable Fluid, gal
– Snubbing force for snubbing operation
– Buoyed Weight of Open Ended Tubular (Wb),lb
– Buoyed Weight of Closed Ended Tubular without fluid in the pipe (Wb),lb
– Buoyed Weight of Closed Ended Tubular after filling the pipe (Wb),lb -> in this case, there is different fluid weight in pipe and annular
– The Balance Point for closed ended and unfilled pipe is the point where the weight of pipe in the fluid equates to force created by wellhead pressure.
– This is the second case for balance point calculation. The Balance Point for closed ended pipe and the pipe is filled with fluid.
– Maximum Down Force on Jacks
– Effective Area of Snubbing Jacks, square inch


Download here – Well Control Euqations Drilling Formulas 2016

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