Well in an Unbalanced Condition (Video)

The well is in an underbalanced condition while pulling out of hole. You can see in the video below that the fluid is flowing up from the drill pipe side. It is such very important to understand the condition of the well and have the plan to deal with it.


These are some thought about this situation from our member in the Facebook fanpage.

Hossam Hamza – Looks like it was failed balanced cement plug job, I see long cement chiksan line on rig floor and circulating head connected with low TQ valve above 1 joint DP in mouse hole, the back flow due to over displacement. Is my guess right????

Rizwan Butt – Besides helmet, Safety gogals, Gloves are missing also so many trip fall hazards. as operation is concern this usually happen when you pullout of hole with circulation, it is suggested to place NRV in BHA, in case failure NRV install safety valve and connect it with TDS, and yes in such situations shut-in well should be initiate to avoid kick because of decrease in hydro static pressure.

Kejin Walls – This is one of the most unsafe Acts at a Rig. Improper PPE @ all times isn’t any safer for the employees. Incase of Failure by the VR plug in the Casing & NRV to loop the BHTA, thats what happens.

Dana Parks – Some of these comments are funny the proper procedure would be to install stabbing valve close it then, ibop and then the Kelly or top drive, shut in the well and monitor for pressures if there are no pressure or slight pressure without a rise then circulate and balance out the well while monitoring for a pit gain most likely as it looks like a fucked up cement job there would be zero on the casing side and slight pressure on the drill pipe side the cement is falling in the annulus and pushing the mud up the drill pipe but there has been kicks while cementing also if the idiots mixed wrong and dropped the hydrostatic so better to shut in and figure it out then make the right decisions

Chris W Vardon – What is wrong with you, seriously? No wonder Canadian supervisors are so wanted over there. For a split second, I figured you would have a stabbing valve in there before the elevators were installed, and then start well control procedures. EXACTLY why I will never work on a metal killing machine again. Way to put your whole crew’s lives at risk. RUN the whole rig off…

Andy Thomson This only happens in two situations 1 the mud weight in the annulus is heavier than the drill string causing back flow as the well tries to get in balance. OR the well is flowing. TIW vv should be installed and annular closed and pressures monitored. Not latch elevators and POOH

What is you idea about this situation?

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9 Responses to Well in an Unbalanced Condition (Video)

  1. Sudish says:

    All the alarms that should go off in my head are going off looking at this video. This is unsafe on all counts, enough to have everybody related to this operation fired.

  2. Vinod kumar says:

    I am agreeable to the first logic given by Andy thomson that mud in annulus isheavier than drill pipes or drillingis being done by motor to drill fast.

  3. Gary says:

    Been in a situation like this before after doing a balanced cement plug in brine. Nobody wants to shut the well in while sitting in cement, maybe sit there for 10mins and see if it reduces, trip tank should remain static. Without all the knowledge we not sure what they are dealing with but cement looks obvious choice.

  4. William Ledezma says:

    this page is very interesting because of trate all topics in petroleum area. Congratutations

  5. Rajinder says:

    Going by the cool behaviour only two things come to the mind either they know what they are doing or they are totally inexperienced.
    I feel they know what they are doing
    It does appear to be a balanced plug job wherein at least 5 to 6 stnds are required to be pulled out real fast to avoid string stuck in cmt.
    The five stnds pulled out are always pulled out wet, after coming at least one std outside the plug they would reverse wash and continue next step.

  6. joe says:

    at least 5 stand are required to be pulled and cirulate for balance out the well

  7. Kamel says:

    Increadible to see this. They play with fire. In this case the drill must order to install fosv. Space out and shut in the well.

  8. Dave says:

    What’s happening on the annulus side? It will tell the story

  9. Rathin Chatterjee says:

    Its a crazy way to invite a worst situation. ‘ should have installed a Drill Pipe shutoff valve without POH & monitor the SIDP & SICP presssures by closing the BOP, to analyze the situation. Its crazy to imagine a situation & RISK everyones life on Floor.- Rathin Chatterjee

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