What is Valve Removal Plug (VR plug) for Wellhead?

The Valve Removal Plug (VR Plug) is a specialized one-way check valve designed for threaded installation through an outlet valve on a casing head, casing spool, or tubing spool into a female thread in the outlet. This configuration effectively isolates the valve from pressure, enabling the convenient removal of the outlet valve for repair or replacement. After the necessary maintenance, the valve can be reinstalled, and the VR Plug can then be removed. It is important to note that VR Plugs are intended for short-term use and should not be considered a permanent substitute for wellhead valves. The image below is a VR plug.

Most newly installed wellheads are equipped with machined threads in the outlets to facilitate the installation of a VR Plug. However, it’s worth noting that many older wellheads may not be configured to accommodate the use of a VR Plug.


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