Introduction to Oilfield Resume Series (Oilfield Resume Ep1)

As you know that there are so many people who really want to work in the oilfield. However there are only few people who have a chance to get interviewed because they write the good resume. I’ve been working in this oilfield business for years and I know that the chances of your resume being chosen out of a stack of job seekers are getting slimmer. Out of 20 resumes, only two or three candidates will be chosen by employers for an interview. As the number of resumes per job opening increases, the odds against landing the interview are also increasing.

With leading resume writing skills and techniques, you can turn the odds in your favor and get the interviews.

Employers always look for the resumes that jump out at them. They are looking to be impressed by skills, qualifications, and more! By reading your resume, they want to be able to feel comfortable that YOU are the right person for the job. With the right resume, they will choose you before ever setting eyes on you!

Tall order, right? Absolutely! But with the right resume writing skills, you can fill it!

The very first step to landing that ideal job is to write a resume and cover letter that are compelling. Without those two key forms of introduction, there most likely will not be a first interview!

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