Driller’s Method Quiz No. 2

Let’s take another quiz regarding driller’s method.

Before start the first circulating, you have the following information

Original Shut in Drill Pipe Pressure = 500 psi

Initial Circulating Pressure (ICP) = 1500 psi

After end of 1st circulation of Driller’s Method, the drillpipe pressure gauge and the casing pressure gauge shows that the circulating drill pipe pressure = 1500 psi and casing pressure = 500 psi (see the figure below).

What do you think about this well?






Answer: Everything is looking good. After influx is circulated out of hole, you expect to see casing pressure equal to Initial Shut In Drill Pipe Pressure.

You can read more explanation here > http://www.drillingformulas.com/drillers-method-quiz-no-1

Reference book: Well Control Books

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10 Responses to Driller’s Method Quiz No. 2

  1. man says:

    Hi Rachain,

    I really love your blog.

    My suggestion for your next entry would be to explain about liner hanger.

    1. Complete set of liner hanger (LH) components and their functions
    2. LH setting procedures

    Would be useful if you have some real pictures and drawings too.

    I have tried to look for info about these but couldn’t get good educational materials yet. Mostly i found the product catalogs.


  2. man says:

    if you have educational documents regarding liner hanger, you can send them to my email if possible. that would be much appreciated.


  3. ahmad says:

    Hi My Dear
    My suggestion for your next entry would be to explain about liner hanger and tie back liner and cementing that .
    1. Complete set of liner hanger (LH) components and their functions
    2. LH setting procedure

  4. gregory says:

    Hey I am interested in calculations for pump output can you send me some info

  5. Faisal Sohail says:

    this information is wrong. if first circulation is finished and SIDPP is not equal to SICP then it means that influx is still in the wellbore. and the first circulation was unsuccessful. Your answer that ‘everything is ok’ is totally misleading. Purpose of 1st circ. is to remove influx, if influx is still in.it means either bottoms up wasnt complete or there was miscalculations..

    • Faisal Sohail,

      For this question, the pump has not stopped pumping yet. You can see from the question which shows the circulating drill pipe pressure. Once the circulation is stopped, we should see the equal for both drill pipe and casing pressure.


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