Formulas and calculations for drilling production and workover book review

This is my book that I mostly use as my reference on the blog, and I still use it for my every job on the rig. This book is very useful for drilling and workover people, and I can say that this is the “must have” book on drilling rigs or workover sites.

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There are several pros of this book as listed below.

There are a lot of useful formulas required on drilling rig as pressure gradient, specific gravity, pump output, annular velocity, hydraulic, buoyancy factor, drilling fluids, cementing, well control, stuck pipe, etc.

All formulas are clearly explained and easy to follow for everyone. Moreover, an author, Norton J. Lapeyrouse, explains everything in the book with simple language.

There are a lot of examples showing you how to use formulas correctly; therefore, you will be able to apply formulas for your job correctly.

Size of the book is quite small so you can carry it with you and sometimes bring it to the rig floor. With this book, you don’t carry a briefcase of books to the rig floor and waste your time in order to find the right solution.

There are a lot of essential oil field conversion factors which help me a lot when I try to convert a metric unit into an oilfield unit, and vice versa.

There is also section about well control consisting several well control methods as a driller’s method, wait & weight, lubricate & bleed, stripping, etc. Many times in my oilfield career, I open this book as a reference when I perform well control operation.

Not only are basic formulas added in the book, but also there are some essential engineering formulas as bit nozzle selections, hydraulic analysis, fracture gradient, cutting slip velocity, surge and swab pressure, directional drilling, etc. These formulas are also simply described, and you are able to follow step-by-step. The book is not like some big engineering books showing you how to derive formulas.

Nowadays, there are two forms of this book which are a paper copy and an electronic copy (kindle book) that you can buy. Personally, I prefer the paper copy because I can easily carry it to the rig floor. I don’t like to bring a computer, a tablet or a kindle e-book reader with me on the rig floor because it is not convenience for me.

Conclusion: This book is dedicated to oilfield personnel worldwide who have to use drilling formulas for their jobs. This book helps me many times while I am working on the rig, and I think it will help you out too.

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Drilling Formula Book Formulas and Calculations for Drilling, Production and Workover, Second Edition

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20 Responses to Formulas and calculations for drilling production and workover book review

  1. Mumba Chuma Didier says:

    Hello! I am an engineer technician in drilling and production. I need this book or if you can help me how to receive it. I’m republic congo in africa

  2. mustafa abdel hadi says:

    excellent engineering book

  3. Ashebir Gelete says:

    wow it is best engeenerig book .Thanck you b/c of write this book.

  4. Sirs, Thanks indeed for your e-mails indicating examples of calculations. I am a consultant electrical engineer and I am interesterd with your book “Formulas and Calculations For Drilling Production and Workover”. I would like to know the price of the book plus despatch via either DHL or Aramex to my place Erbil-Ainkawa/Erbil-Kurdistan-IRAQ.The amount to be transferred and for simplicity is via Western Union as the transfer through our local bankers is very complicated and lengthy procedures. I have ordered many books in this way and there was no problems at all.Looking forward to your reply.Kind regards

  5. Bennezzar says:

    need documentation about drilling

  6. Coy Smith says:

    I attended several well control courses where the author of this book, Mr. Norton Lapryrouse, was the instructor. He was the best well control instructor I ever had. I bought the first edition of this book through SPE and the 2nd edition at Brown Book Shop in Houston, TX. With this book and a good fishing tool manual, I believe a fairly competent well man could successfully drill, complete and supervise workover operations in most areas of the world.

  7. Julius says:

    what is the motor coefficient

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