Successful Topside Installation of the Ivar Aasen in the North Sea (Video)

The heavy lift crane vessel ‘Saipem 7000’ has completed the installation of all ‘Ivar Aasen’ topside modules at the Ivar Aasen oil field in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea.For the lift, the crane vessel used its dual 7,000t cranes to lift the combined 15,000t modules from a Cosco heavy lift vessel onto a steel jacket attached to the seafloor.

The main part of the topside was built in Singapore and transported through the Suez Canal to the North Sea aboard the MV Xiang Rui Kou. The living quarters along with the flare boom and other modules were picked up along the way. Ivar Aasen field operator Detnorske says first oil is expected in December 2016.

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