API Ring Gaskets Used in BOP Connections

There are several API types of ring gaskets used in BOP connections and this is very important to personnel involving in drilling operation to know about it. API 6A: Specification for Wellhead and Christmas Tree Equipment is the standard which every manufacture refers to their equipment.

API Type R Ring Gasket

The API type “R” rig gasket is not a pressure energized gasket therefore this type does NOT recommend for BOP equipment or safety critical equipment as x-mas tree, wellhead valves, etc. Sealing area is along small bands of contact between the gasket and the ring gasket on both ID and OD of the gasket. Shape of type “R” may be oval or octagonal in cross section (see Figure 1). Additionally, face to face between flanges will not touch when the flanges are tightened (see Figure 2). The “R” gasket is compatible for 6B flanges.

 Figure 1 - Type R ring gaskets (shape and groove)


Figure 1 – Type R ring gaskets (shape and groove)

Figure 2 - Type R Gasket When Energized

Figure 2 – Type “R” Gasket When Energized

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